A DigitaL Security, I-T One Stop Center & Design Engineers

We love Technology and the work we do.We work closely with our
clients to deliver the best possible solutions for their needs

About Us

The Dream Technology Deals with All IT related issues and Electrical , Selling and Servicing on the Information Technology &Electrical Installation Industry, Deals with everything in computer system, Networking, Security system including “CCTV cameras, Electric Fence, and Fire Alarm system”, Gaming equipment as well as Computer & Mobile gadgets

We can see many IT companies in the city but they fail to give full support and leave behind blanks for some other company to fill, We will be able to inter the house and leave everything up and running in one shot without having someone else’s hands.



The Dream Technology focuses on customers of every level, Our services have been divided into two section, low and high level to make sure same quality of service is being provided to all our customers. First in first out is our way of operation.

The goal is to ensure no one left behind while world is moving forward with technology. We have team of IT engineers and Electrical Engineers to ensure our missions to be executed as planned. The Dream Technology its offices will be within Dar es salaam City for easy input and supply as we know Dar es salaam is the base of operational for many business which it is one of the advantage for us to capture many deals.

Importance of the business to us is not as everyone else’s. We do this business not only to get paid but we do this as it is the thing we love the most, We sometime do things because we feel certain ways that we can’t explain, We do this for love and that’s why We have managed to reach this far providing IT service and left customers satisfied.

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Our Services

Our Services and Products are targeting industry, offices, homes, schools ect, as we all know offices will have computers, offices will routers for internet and WIFI, industry will have security system, cctv etc. We can supply and We can set it up


Every business wants to be a customer's first choice. Building and managing a brand can play a significant part in making that happen. The Dream Technology gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets

Web Design

We are the masters of creating stanishing Website. We include your new website, seo, local search, social media marketing and digital marketing for your business to get you new customers and grow your business.

Graphic Design

The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, We beleive looking good get's peoples attention. Get your designs done by us and enjoy the awesome results in high quality.

System installation and Recovery

We are the master of Data Recovery and New systeam Setup, the ones that we have sold to you are under our protection until the one year of free service is over. Buy system from us and enjoy 1yr of support for free.

CCTV Camera

In our world now days protection is very 1st thing on the line, We Have the best digital high quality CCTV Camera for your house/office/ yard/ godown/ farm and more. Camera that are weather proof through Rain, Sun, cloud and night you will still have clear video 24/7

ICT and Electrical Eng

Before you buy any materials We give you our team to survey your area and advice you to only getting the best and necessary Materials to suite your site of work. We give professional advice before Service. 5months are under our care if followed our terms

Office supplies & Equipment

Starting with Computers, Printers, Catridges, Papers,and every known tool that office might need. Our store tend to be one stop IT store and we are going to deriver every single one of the requested. We also have Point of sell and we also can set it up

Gaming & Equipments

We love Games enough to custom design our own machines as we see fit. Get your Gaming PC or PS's Customised with us or Get complete ready made from our store. Gaming Gadgets and other accessories are also available and reasonable price

We design delightful digital experiences.

Read more about what we do and our philosophy of design. Judge for yourself The work and results we’ve achieved for other clients, and meet our highly experienced Team who just love to design.

There are so many IT companies in the city but they fail to reach so many sections and leave behind blanks for some other company to fill, We will be able to inter the house and leave everything up and running in one shot without having someone else’s hands

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Fun Facts About Us

We do what we do for fun. We love our job that we go beyond cheap for the highest quality

  • 1,300,000

    Start with 4 CCTV camera full installation
  • 20,000

    To start your Designs with
  • 200,000

    Get your web started
  • 0.999

    Multiple Jobs? thats even better